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Turn shoppers into buyers by engaging prospective customer and reengaging in-active customer with your offered appealing product.


All kind of sales & promotional activities aimed for increasing the demand of the product among the various supply chain partners.

Data & analytics

Measurements at every turn, we will listen to your desired result and design our report to align with those goals, allowing us to craft a comprehensive strategy with measurable triumph.


Assisting client to find proficient talents to work together with and also to manage an end-to-end HR administration process from recruitment until payroll

Powered by people

Our local representative from in and out-station are supported by our head office. Each representative has a focus specific niche and geography, which enable our team to have excellent national network, and knowledge of the very best local candidates looking to further their HR's careers across the nation.


We are everywhere around the nation and have been managing up to 10k Human Resources within one time.

120 Cities
1-7 Days

Achievement & Reporting

Daily pre & post + on the go reporting evaluation  Weekly insight report & evaluation meeting.

Achievement & Reporting

Daily pre & post + on the go reporting evaluation  Weekly insight report & evaluation meeting.

Performance-Venue-Outlet Analysis

Daily Mobile Application insight based on various factors such as numbers of customer contacts, effective customer contacts, location of collected customer data, which categories of product is hot in selling, competitor activity and etc.

Full Map Details

Full details map of product sold based on product categories. Example in cigarette products : SPM, SKM, SKMM, SKT


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